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Mindset refers to a habitual attitude that determines how we interpret and respond to situations. In this session, we'll discuss several thought patterns that create unnecessary stress, keep us stuck, and limit goal achievement. participants learn how to change their thoughts to make them more accurate and helpful, so they fuel positive outcomes and minimize unproductive behaviors such as worrying, overanalyzing, or people-pleasing.

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In a world that feels like it's constantly 'on', it's no surprise that many people experience digital burnout and sensory overload. navigating the demands of life online and feeling pressure to be constantly connected and available can leave us feeling exhausted, anxious, and stressed out. In this session we will explore the impact of mainstream technologies and offer strategies to reboot your digital wellness. Participants have the opportunity to consider how their online habits may be impacting their success and learn several practices to use technology mindfully.

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In this session, participants learn how to focus on the most important matters in life, which will allow them to enjoy a sense of achievement in both their career and personal life. Through implementing a 3-step process, they will feel more focused, peaceful, and centered. In this session, they will define life Roles, write Annual Goals, and create Weekly Maps. Finally, they'll learn how to calculate their productivity Quotient.

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Lori Tingle

Lori's Professional Bio


Since 2011 Lori Tingle has been providing customized training and coaching services to a variety of corporate clients and individuals.

As a trainer, she offers workshops related to productivity, positivity, burnout, delegation, digital wellness, and DiSC. She is certified to teach several popular workshops such as The Energy Bus, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, and Do What Matters Most.

As a coach, she helps-high-achieving professionals who are crushing it at work but missing out on life. Through the use of her signature coaching program, Dimensions of Delight, Lori teaches the foundational practices to create more joy and wellbeing in their lives.

Lori earned a B.A. in Education at Georgetown College and is a Graduate of Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs. Also, Lori is a certified professional coach (CPC) through the Center for Coaching Certification and a Certified Women's Business through WBENC.

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